About Kings 2050

Kings 2050 aims to guide the long-term sustainable development of Kings County so that future generations can enjoy a quality of life that is equal or better than today.

What should Kings County look like in the year 2050? The Kings 2050 initiative intends to answer this important question by developing a long-term vision for the region and improving Municipal regulations to better achieve our long-term goals.

In order to plan for the future, Kings 2050 is taking both a comprehensive and collaborative approach. It is comprehensive because the project covers several overlapping themes, including infrastructure, climate change, and urban planning. Kings 2050 is also uniquely collaborative because the initiative is facilitating cooperation between Municipal units, Villages, Provincial Departments and other regional stakeholders.

For more detailed information please see the Kings 2050 Terms Of Reference (2.45 MB)icon.


Where Kings 2050 is in the process?


Phase One: Visioning & Background Research


Phase One is focused on gathering a variety of background information and developing a shared vision for the future of Kings County.

Phase Two: Development of draft regulations


Phase two can be descirbed as the phase of "experts".  Using the information gathered in Phase One, a variety of experts will work together to draft the project deliverables.

Phase Three: Formal Municipal Adoption Process


Once the draft policies and bylaws that implement the 2050 vision are prepared, it is time for the Municipal Councils, other project partners, and the public to review the details.

Shared Vision & Goals

Each Municipality in Kings County has a planning strategy and an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP). However, there is not currently a clear vision for the future of all of Kings County.

Kings 2050 will fill this gap by developing a vision and supporting goals that illustrate what Kings County including its towns, villages and rural areas, should look like in the year 2050.


  • Develop a shared vision illustrating what Kings County should look like in the year 2050.
  • Improve the coordination of municipal land use planning initiatives.
  • Reduce long-term infrastructure costs and improve the coordination of municipal and village infrastructure initiatives.
  • Coordinate responses to climate change through the development of a regional climate change action plan.
  • Improve cooperation and coordination of economic development initiatives.
  • Identify other potential areas of cooperation as they arise during Kings 2050.

Partners, Supporters and Endorsers

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Questions & Answers

Why is Kings 2050 a Collaborative Project?

Issues such as climate change, economic development and transportation are more effectively addressed collectively. Especially in terms of transportation and water and sewer infrastructure, significant costs savings can be achieved by forming forward looking partnerships. Working together is a large task, but one that will ensure the future development of Kings County happens as efficiently as possible.

What Impact Will Kings 2050 Have on My Community?

Kings 2050 will provide a plan for future.  From roads, housing, floodplain protection and sewer services, Kings 2050 aims to shape where and how we live.

How Long Will Kings 2050 Take to Complete?

Kings 2050 has three phases and will take approximately three years to complete.  The first phase focuses on developing a shared regional vision and gathering background information.  The second phase dives into drafting detailed regulations.   The third and final phase is when the regulations are reviewed and adopted through a public process.