Arts, and Culture & Heritage

“Our communities reflect our civic pride and showcase our rich heritage, cultural diversity and artistry. We recognize the importance of arts and culture in economic and personal development and we celebrate the experience and creation of community features and spaces that exemplify these values.”

arts and culture

Identify, respect, celebrate and promote community features that reflect our shared cultural heritage.

  • Identify, share and promote important community features
  • dentify heritage features or buildings that would benefit from regulatory protection
  • Identify and implement mechanisms for protection as appropriate
  • Market the cultural experience of the Kings Region


Develop partnerships to invest in programs, public spaces and infrastructure that support life-long learning, active living, creativity and artistry.

  • Integrate elements of the cultural landscape within plans, policies and programming
  • Identify important public spaces in the Kings Region and develop programs, plans and partnerships for shared investment in their development and protection
  • Support a public art programs and individual expressions of cultural diversity

Encourage social diversity and respect and support the unique characteristics and preferences of people, and the rights of all individuals to actively participate in creating a shared future

  • Adopt and implement the principles and practices of anti-discrimination
  • Identify and reduce barriers to the engagement of underrepresented groups

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