Kings 2050 Vision Released

Front page of visioning documentIt’s been months in the making, and we are now happy to report that the Kings 2050 Vision has been released.

This document is an amalgamation of everything we have heard from residents of the Kings region, including elected officials, and community and business leaders. Ultimately, this Vision will chart a course for changes to policy and regulations that shape how our communities develop tomorrow, and on to the year 2050.

Over the next few weeks we will be revamping the website to make it easy for you to provide detailed comment on the sections of the Kings 2050 Vision that matter to you. In the meantime, please feel free to add general comments using the “Leave a Reply” feature of this blog.

The main visioning document includes the Umbrella Vision, the Principles for the eight different theme areas, Driving Elements and Goals, and an outline of the process that went into developing this document. The Appendices contain various supporting material, such as stakeholder interviews results and meeting notes.

Kings 2050 Vision Document (5 MB)

Appendix A – Integrated Community Sustanability Plans

Appendix B – Background Reports

Appendix C – Postcards to the Future

Appendix D – Student Essay Competition

Appendix E – Key Stakeholder Interviews & Online Survey

Appendix F – Where You Are At Meetings

Appendix G – Community Workshop

Appendix H – Governance Workshop 1

Appendix I – Governance Workshop 2

Appendix J – Individual Council Meetings

Appendix K – Branding

Appendix L – Website

Appendix M – Media

Appendix N – Videos

Appendix O – Photos

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2 Responses to Kings 2050 Vision Released

  1. Michael says:

    Wow! Nice job. What would of happened to essays uploaded in the “Share Your Vision” section?

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the comment. All of the “Share Your Vision” postcards were read and included as part of the input that formed the Kings 2050 Vision.

    Of course, many of those postcards included very specific suggestions that can’t be captured in something as broad as the Vision. Rest assured, we’ve noted those specific suggestions and as we enter the process of actually writing detailed policies and regulations we will be considering all of them.

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