Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Released

MCCAP CoverThe Municipality of Kings along with the towns of Kentville, Wolfville and Berwick are considering how climate change may someday impact the way they operate.

On Tuesday December 03, 2013 Kings County municipal council passed a motion amending the Integrated Community Sustainability plan to include the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan report. The MCCAP focuses largely on municipal infrastructure that may be at risk from climate change but also highlights many other ways that climate change will affect citizens in the region.

“This regional project, undertaken by the four municipal units in Kings County, will be used as a reference for addressing infrastructure issues in the future,” says Warden Diana Brothers. “It will become a key component in informing policy decisions as they relate to the Kings 2050 initiative.”

Flooding, changes in growing conditions, severe weather events, groundwater, dykes and forest health are just a few of the topics touched in the report.

The full report, and the accompanying map, can be found below:


Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (PDF 947 kB)


MCCAP Map (PDF 3,247 kB)

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