Kings 2050 Regional Approach Report Released

Kings 2050 Regional Approach ReportThe Kings 2050 Regional Approach Report has been relased and is available below.

This document is a critical product of an innovative effort by the Towns of Berwick, Kentville, and Wolfville, and the Municipality of the County of Kings to develop and implement a shared vision for the region.  After consulting with the 2050 Partners, Stantec is recommending four Regional Statements of Interest concerning Settlement, Economic Development, Municipal Facilities and Environmental Protection.  These statements are intended to become the basis for coordinated regional planning issues.   Stantec notes, however, that the four Statements are not necessarily in their final form, as they need to be reviewed and refined by stakeholders through a public consultation process.   In addition, Stantec provides direction for implementation, including coordinating efforts with the work of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) Land Use Planning Subcommittee and working with the NS Department of Municipal Affairs to make needed changes to the Municipal Government Act.

 Kings 2050 Regional Approach Report (PDF 3,901 kB)

 As the final paragraph of the report notes,

“The recent Ivany Report has spoken to the urgent need for new governance structures in Nova Scotia Kings 2050 is a response to that need. While the challenges remaining to its implementation are significant, it promises a new approach that should allow strong municipal governments to use their resources more effectively and advance their communities collectively.  The next stage of Kings2050 is likely to be closely watched as the local governments in the Kings Partnership develop an approach that may well provide many municipal governments in Nova Scotia with an answer to challenges that they currently face.”

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