“Draft for Consultation” Zoning Map and Summary of Land Use By-law Released

Cover for Land Use Bylaw and Zoning Summary of Draft Changes - FINAL Jan 2015Today marks a major step forward in the Kings 2050 process for the Municipality of Kings; the Municipality has released a “Draft for Consultation” of its new Zoning Map, and a summary of proposed changes for its new Land Use By-law.

The final version of the Land Use By-law and the Zoning Map will put the Municipal Planning Strategy into action. They will include the detailed rules and regulations and apply zoning to determine what kinds of development can be built in different places, and what those developments can look like (how tall, where on the lot they can be located, etc.).

Some proposed changes are minor, such as a simple name change, while other could have a significant impact, such as updated flood risk zoning.

Before we finish writing the new Land Use By-law, the Municipality of Kings believes it’s important to consult with businesses, residents, and other stakeholders to make sure we’re on the right track. Check out the webpage below to view the document and map, and to find out how you can provide your feedback.

Draft Plan webpage

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2 Responses to “Draft for Consultation” Zoning Map and Summary of Land Use By-law Released

  1. Gary Sutherland says:

    Comment on proposed zoning changes Kings2050.
    I really see no sense in making the properties, I believe it is south of Webster Street, Coldbrook on Highway #1 RC. It would be best in my opinion to change it to BC to make it consistent with all the other proposed zoning changes along highway 1 in Coldbrook. Current zoning for this area is C1. I’m referring to the properties located near 7109 Highway 1, Coldbrook. I feel that this would best reflect the potential growth and make it consistent along highway 1 in Coldbrook for future commercial development. Regards….Gary

    • Ian says:

      Hi Gary,

      I’ve noted your comment on our maps so that we can take it to consideration when we’re doing the next draft of our zoning.


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