2050 - Phase 3 Workshop - Environmental Protection - Dec 9 2014The Municipality of Kings continues to review the ‘Draft for Consultation’ Municipal Planning Strategy in bite size pieces.  These workshop discussions will help to provide informal direction to Staff, but no formal decisions will be made.

The next workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9th at 3:00 pm in the Council Chambers (municipal complex, 87 Cornwall St., Kentville).   The topic for discussion is “Environmental Protection”, including a discussion of flood risks, drainage, and wellfield protection.

These meetings are open to the public and public comments will be welcomed at the end of the meeting. See the PDF below for more information.

Environmental Protection Presentation (PDF 1 MB)

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PAC Phase 3 Work Shop - Urban Centres and Infrastructure - Nov 25 2014The Municipality of Kings is now beginning the process to review the ‘Draft for Consultation’ Municipal Planning Strategy in bite size pieces.  Important topics for discussion include Agriculture, Environmental Protection, and Neighbourhoods. Councillors and Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) members together with Municipal Staff will review key topics in an informal workshop type meeting. While the discussions will help to provide informal direction, no formal decisions will be made.

These meetings are open to the public and public comments will be welcomed at the end of the meeting.

The first workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, November 25th at 1:00 pm in the Orchards Room (municipal complex, 87 Cornwall St., Kentville) and the topic for discussion is “Urban Boundaries and Infrastructure”. See the PDF below for more information.

Urban Centres & Infrastructure Presentation (PDF 4.01 MB)

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Draft MPS Cover PageWe are excited to announce the release of the first draft of the new Municipal Planning Strategy for the Municipality of Kings. The final version of the new Municipal Planning Strategy will provide the policies that the Municipality of Kings uses to guide where and how development occurs.

This ‘Draft for Consultation’ is a major
component of the  Kings 2050 initiative
and results from almost two years of research and consultation. It is an amalgamation of everything we have heard from the residents of Kings County.

The ‘Draft for Consultation’ Municipal Planning Strategy is—just as the name implies—a draft that is intended as a starting point for more detailed public consultation and Council discussions. Municipal staff have diligently researched the issues and provide possible policies and regulations. However, the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) and Council have not yet reviewed or endorsed these drafts. Rather, Council and PAC will be looking at the draft, issue by issue, and giving staff direction about changes. This review will only happen with the support of extensive feedback from residents, businesses, and regional stakeholders.

Highlights of the ‘Draft for Consultation’ – Municipal Planning Strategy include:

  • Building on the 1970s era planning framework by continuing to direct development to urban areas, protecting agricultural lands, protecting the environment, and managing land use conflicts.
  • Covering new topic areas, including energy, infrastructure, and economic development.
  • Providing more flexibility and reducing barriers to development in urban areas.
  • Refining and being more strategic about where non-farm residential development is permitted in agricultural areas, while providing more flexibility for agriculture and other rural businesses.
  • Updating floodplain mapping, modernizing stormwater management, and refining the protection of lakes and coastal shorelines.

A more detailed summary of proposed changes can be found here (PDF, 1,409 KB).

Now is the time for your feedback. What can we improve on? What did we get right? Are there things that need to be clarified? Have your say and tell us how to make the draft better.

The main document, plus early opportunities to provide feedback, can be found on our new…

Draft Plan webpage

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Kings 2050 Regional Approach ReportThe Kings 2050 Regional Approach Report has been relased and is available below.

This document is a critical product of an innovative effort by the Towns of Berwick, Kentville, and Wolfville, and the Municipality of the County of Kings to develop and implement a shared vision for the region.  After consulting with the 2050 Partners, Stantec is recommending four Regional Statements of Interest concerning Settlement, Economic Development, Municipal Facilities and Environmental Protection.  These statements are intended to become the basis for coordinated regional planning issues.   Stantec notes, however, that the four Statements are not necessarily in their final form, as they need to be reviewed and refined by stakeholders through a public consultation process.   In addition, Stantec provides direction for implementation, including coordinating efforts with the work of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM) Land Use Planning Subcommittee and working with the NS Department of Municipal Affairs to make needed changes to the Municipal Government Act.

 Kings 2050 Regional Approach Report (PDF 3,901 kB)

 As the final paragraph of the report notes,

“The recent Ivany Report has spoken to the urgent need for new governance structures in Nova Scotia Kings 2050 is a response to that need. While the challenges remaining to its implementation are significant, it promises a new approach that should allow strong municipal governments to use their resources more effectively and advance their communities collectively.  The next stage of Kings2050 is likely to be closely watched as the local governments in the Kings Partnership develop an approach that may well provide many municipal governments in Nova Scotia with an answer to challenges that they currently face.”

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Kings County Signage ReportSigns help us find where we want to go, or even draw our attention to places we didn’t know we wanted to go. However, when the design and locations of signs are not carefully considered they can be ugly or, in the worst case, create distractions and hazards for drivers and pedestrians.

While the Municipality of Kings currently regulates signs, there are always tweaks that can be made or updates needed to address new trends, such as digital signs. As part of Kings 2050 the Municipality contracted CBCL Limited to review the current regulations and provide recommendations for tweaks and updates to be included in the new Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw. The Signage Study is available below.


Kings 2050 Signage Study (PDF 3,140 KB)


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Bay-of-Fundy-Adaptation-Report CoverWe’ve previously reported on the local, Kings Country, approach to climate change adaptation through the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP). However, Kings County municipalities are not the only ones looking at this important issue. The Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment has recently completed a survey of Nova Scotian and New Brunswick municipalities bordering on the Bay of Fundy to explore how they are tackling climate change adaptation and the challenges they face in doing so. The Municipality of Kings and the Towns of Wolfville, Kentville, and Berwick all participated in this report. The full report can be viewed below.

Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Around the Bay of Fundy: Status and Needs (PDF 466 kB)


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On February 6th, 2014, Councillors and senior staff from the Towns of Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville, the Municipality of Kings, Villages of Port Williams and New Minas, and 14 Wing Greenwood met to discuss regional planning.   The purpose of the meeting was to build common understanding regarding municipal needs, opportunities, and concerns, as well as the potential benefits and costs of various approaches to collaborative regional planning.   The discussion was captured by a graphic artist.  (see below).

Stantec, the consultant hired to facilitate the session, is now tasked with identifying shared regional goals and recommending a mechanism for managing regional issues on an on-going basis.   Partnership Workshop - Feb 2014


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The Municipality of Kings and the Towns of Berwick, Kentville and Wolfville are continuing to work together to plan as a region.   Stantec, the consultant who developed the Vision in Phase One of Kings 2050, has been awarded the contract to engage all Kings’ Regional municipal units to recommend practical actions and tools for coordinating decision making at a regional scale.   Over the next few months, Stantec will:

  • Review and build upon Kings 2050 Phase One
  • Consult with each Municipality and Village
  • Meet with the 2050 Management Team and Kings Partnership Steering Committee
  • Hold at least one workshop for political representatives and senior management
  • Recommend “Regional Statement of Interests” or another type of policy document intended to guide decision making at a regional scale
  • Recommend an administrative and/or political mechanism for discussing and managing regional issues on an on-going basis, such as, but not limited to, a regional advisory committee, citizens group, or annual workshop.

The costs for this work is being split among the four Municipalities and the Province.  The final report, including a public presentation, will be completed in the Spring of 2014.


Visual notes from the governance workshop.

Graphic notes recorded during the November 29, 2012 Kings 2050 Partnership Workshop.

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MCCAP CoverThe Municipality of Kings along with the towns of Kentville, Wolfville and Berwick are considering how climate change may someday impact the way they operate.

On Tuesday December 03, 2013 Kings County municipal council passed a motion amending the Integrated Community Sustainability plan to include the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan report. The MCCAP focuses largely on municipal infrastructure that may be at risk from climate change but also highlights many other ways that climate change will affect citizens in the region.

“This regional project, undertaken by the four municipal units in Kings County, will be used as a reference for addressing infrastructure issues in the future,” says Warden Diana Brothers. “It will become a key component in informing policy decisions as they relate to the Kings 2050 initiative.”

Flooding, changes in growing conditions, severe weather events, groundwater, dykes and forest health are just a few of the topics touched in the report.

The full report, and the accompanying map, can be found below:


Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (PDF 947 kB)


MCCAP Map (PDF 3,247 kB)

map for hotlinking


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EnergyOn October 24, 2013 over 120 participants and facilitators met at NSCC Kingstec to learn from each other and to provide their viewpoints on issues related to energy conservation and generation in Kings County. Throughout the day there were some truly great discussions and debates. Our facilitators helped guide the discussions along and dilligently recorded them (thanks facilitators!).

The day was spent primarily working through a set of scenario questions that addressed some of the big energy policy questions Kings County councils will need to address. A copy of the scenarios and the raw notes from each table are available in PDF format at the bottom of this post. These notes show many areas of consensus, and many areas where perhaps more exploration is necessary. Taken in combination with feedback on other topic areas (e.g. agriculture), this feedback from the Energy Forum will help guide policies and regulations that control energy development in Kings County.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We’ll inform you through this blog and other channels of communication as other opportunities for discussion arise. We also always welcome you to use the comments section at the bottom of each blog post.

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