Economic Development

“We have a prosperous economy, built on a diverse and stable economic base. Vigorous entrepreneurship is a critical part of this economy, and is encouraged by a supportive environment that enables, promotes and sustains local businesses and products and non-profit organizations.”

economic development principle

Partner to explore new innovative areas for economic growth and sustain a blend of traditional and nontraditional sectors.

  • Support a regional partnership and strategy to develop non-traditional sectors such as the cultural economy, green technology, agriculture technology, knowledge centres and agro-eco tourism
  • Support a regional partnership and strategy to support traditional sectors, such as agriculture, government, industry, tourism, Defence, education, and technology

Play a key role in strengthening entrepreneurship and local business by being a key voice for the buy local movement within the Valley and Province.

  • Support a regional partnership and strategy to promote local products and businesses
  • Support a Valley brand for local products and experiences

Develop whole support systems for local entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses.

  • Support programming to foster the creation and ongoing development of businesses in the community
  • Develop regulations which enable local business entrepreneurship and innovation

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