“Our communities have evolved to exemplify energy conservation, take advantage of green technologies, maximize energy efficiencies, and provide opportunities for renewable energy infrastructure development.”

energy principle

Our actions reinforce the 3 Rs of community energy - reducing, re-using and replacing energy.

  • Establish a community settlement pattern and supporting infrastructure that aids in reducing our dependency on energy
  • Identify and set future targets to help achieve energy reduction
  • Encourage energy efficient building and neighbourhood designs
  • Encourage adaptive reuse of existing buildings

Encourage the development of renewable energy that makes use of natural advantages and respects shared community values.

  • Enable the development of renewable energy, such as tidal, wind, solar,
    geothermal and hydro
  • Manage renewable energy infrastructure so that it is located and at a scale that is compatible with people’s use of the rural and urban environments
  • Develop a regional renewable energy strategy to take advantage of advances
    in alternative energy technologies and initiatives

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