Healthy Communities

“All our citizens maintain healthy, active lifestyles and have an outstanding quality of life that features access to excellent health care, diverse and affordable housing, nutritious and affordable food, safe drinking water, robust social and volunteer support networks and a culture of citizen engagement.”

healthy communities principle

Enhance our valley tradition of neighbourliness and strong volunteer networks.

  • Support programming to celebrate good neighbours and volunteerism
  • Assemble a strong support network of community-based volunteers to enhance programming and services for the community, with a focus on seniors

Create and sustain an urban and rural environment that fosters active lifestyles and healthy living.

  • Identify community design principles that support active lifestyles
  • Review regulatory framework to ensure it reflects these design
  • Reflect the principles of universal design in all policies, regulations and standards

Housing is healthy, affordable, sustainable, adequate, safe and accessible.

  • Develop housing regulations enable the provision of greater choice and presence of affordable housing that is integrated throughout the community

Identify meaningful ways to enable citizen and youth education, ownership and engagement in the realization of our sustainable shared future.

  • Develop a strategy for citizen engagement and develop new mechanisms for increased engagement and involvement
  • Engage youth in developing new and innovative approaches to citizen engagement

Identify and protect drinking water and groundwater supplies

  • Identify and protect critical groundwater recharge areas
  • Manage development to limit impacts on ground and surface drinking water supplies

Develop deeper understanding of the social determinants of health to remove barriers and address inequities.

  • Forge a regional partnership between local government and community health organizations to actively deepen community understanding of the social determinants of health
  • Identify and remove barriers and inequities that exist within the physical environment that impact health

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