Regional Planning

Kings 2050 is first and foremost an effort to look beyond political boundaries to develop a vision for the whole of Kings County and to plan for opportunities and challenges that are not constrained by lines on a map. The results are the “Kings 2050 Vision” document (see below), a regional Municipal Climate Change Action Plan, and further steps towards collaboration among the four municipalities in Kings County.

Kings 2050 Vision

What should the Kings Region look like in the year 2050?’

Over the past year we have been asking you to give us your answers to that question, and you have provided an almost-overwhelming number of responses. We have now taken all the feedback we received and crafted it into a Visioning Document for the Kings Region. The Visioning Document consists of an Umbrella Vision, which is then articulated into eight Principles. These are each broken down into Driving Elements and Goals.

Click on the Umbrella Vision and each of the Principles, above, to read them and to provide feedback.

To view the print version of the Visioning Document, along with the Appendices, please visit our blog post.

The Kings 2050 Vision Document is a product of everything Kings County residents told the Kings 2050 project team over months of public consultation. To read about the consultations visit our blog post.

As part of Phase 2 we asked you to provide your feedback on the Kings 2050 Vision Document. To see what Kings County residents had to say you can read the submitted comments on the Principles.

Background Reports

Before we can plan for the future we need to know where we came from and where we are today. Throughout Phase 1 and into Phase 2 of the Kings 2050 initiative, the project team worked diligently to research and build this necessary foundation. The background reports available below provide the Kings County context and identify challenges and opportunities in this region as we look towards the year 2050.