Rural and Natural Areas

“Our Rural Areas are characterized and renowned for large uninterrupted stretches of forested land, active agriculture, the Bay of Fundy coastline, and the north and south mountain ranges. We protect sensitive natural features, including precious rural vistas, and natural resources. To preserve rural character, natural areas and provide space for resource based industries, there is less residential development in rural areas, with small pockets of housing located close to key transportation corridors.”

rural and natural areas principle

Retain the rural character of all areas other than the centres.

  • Identify community elements that define rural character
  • Identify important open, natural or ecological spaces in the Kings Region and develop programs, plans and partnerships for shared investment in their protection
  • Retain public access to important open, nature or ecological spaces as appropriate to their continued preservation
  • Identify important rural landscapes, resources, buildings and sites in the Kings Region and develop programs, plans and partnerships for shared investment in their protection
  • Manage the location and design of development to maintain rural heritage and preserve large stretches of uninterrupted forested lands.

Identify and prevent negative impacts to sensitive natural features, resources and vistas.

  • Identify and protect ecologically sensitive areas such as important wetlands, bird migration areas, and known areas for species at risk
  • Identify floodplains and develop a management strategy for these lands, including the consideration of potential climate change impacts
  • Implement a management framework to protect water quality, shorelines and waterways
  • Identify and support the protection of the visual quality, sense of place, and prominent vistas of culturally significant rural areas

Manage the sustainable development of natural resources.

  • Manage resource based industries to promote compatibility within thecommunity.
  • Manage residential development in resource rich areas to providespace for the sustainable use of natural resources

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