The Umbrella Vision

The Umbrella Vision is a statement capturing the community’s desired future, emphasizing the unique strengths of the Kings Region and core outcomes of the Kings 2050 partnership.

“In the year 2050, the Kings region is a vibrant, resilient and complete community. People of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds want to live in our region because it is a great place to live. We value and nurture our unique blend of small town and rural ways of life, our safe communities, our beautiful landscape, our agreeable climate and our neighbourly and generous Valley spirit.

We have built strong working partnerships over the past 40 years. Together we are driven to sustain a healthy balance between our rural and urban ways of life. Our communities reap the benefits from our robust farms and agricultural services, our multi-faceted economy, our proximity to Halifax, our knowledge-based institutions, our world renowned cultural environment, and scenic landscape.

Key stakeholders and local government are working collaboratively. Alongside an active, concerned and engaged public, we have established a regional land use framework, used by everyone to guide and direct decision-making. Our local governments work together, accept joint responsibility for decisions and act to achieve our common sustainable future. Together, we steward our natural and human resources carefully, wisely, seeking opportunities to be more efficient, while celebrating our strong history of regional planning.”


The principles will guide and motivate action by reflecting fundamental characteristics and values of the vision. All participants and organizations will be mindful of principlesas they work together to achieve the umbrella vision.


“Our regional centres are larger, centrally located communities characterized by flourishing development, a range of housing choices, professional and health care services, and varied opportunities to engage in business, education, recreation and the arts. Our local centres are spread throughout the region, and are smaller communities, characterized by the presence of a residential cluster, with supporting neighbourhood-based commercial and recreational activity.”


“We have protected important areas of land for future agricultural development and production. Our agricultural heritage is enhanced through diversification and innovation in the sustainable use of agricultural land. We have a robust industry characterized by ongoing stability, viability and best practice, and we are recognized as leaders in the agricultural sector.”

Rural and Natural Areas

“Our Rural Areas are characterized and renowned for large uninterrupted stretches of forested land, active agriculture, the Bay of Fundy coastline, and the north and south mountain ranges. We protect sensitive natural features, including precious rural vistas, and natural resources. To preserve rural character, natural areas and provide space for resource based industries, there is less residential development in rural areas, with small pockets of housing located close to key transportation corridors.”


“We have reduced our dependency on the car and improved our transportation system by strengthening transit, active transportation, and key road corridors. We have created new multi-modal networks both within our communities, between our communities and to other regions, while ensuring equitable access and mobility for all our citizens.”

Economic Development

“We have a prosperous economy, built on a diverse and stable economic base. Vigorous entrepreneurship is a critical part of this economy, and is encouraged by a supportive environment that enables, promotes and sustains local businesses and products and non-profit organizations.”


“Our communities have evolved to exemplify energy conservation, take advantage of green technologies, maximize energy efficiencies, and provide opportunities for renewable energy infrastructure development.”

Healthy Communities

“All our citizens maintain healthy, active lifestyles and have an outstanding quality of life that features access to excellent health care, diverse and affordable housing, nutritious and affordable food, safe drinking water, robust social and volunteer support networks and a culture of citizen engagement.”

Arts and Culture

“Our communities reflect our civic pride and showcase our rich heritage, cultural diversity and artistry. We recognize the importance of arts and culture in economic and personal development and we celebrate the experience and creation of community features and spaces that exemplify these values.”

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